Driven by a love bordering on obsessive of all things written, Eliana dabbles in the glorious playground of the written word. Her rather convoluted writing journey began at the when she authored and illustrated her own book at eleven years old (it was a rare single-print copy).

There was a slight detour when she graduated cum laude in Mathematics and spent time in banking and IT. But her first love could not be squashed and she has returned to the world of writing. Eliana has extensive experience in corporate communications, proposals, feature essays, reporting and personal essays and is able to turn any idea into a powerful and compelling document. As a blogger, Eliana has one aim – to be honest and human about anything she encounters.

Eliana is married to musician-cum-maverick Marc, and is the mother to willful and wondrous toddler Ella Rachel and scrumptious baby Yehuda. On the rare occasion when she is not writing or scribbling in her notebook or playing with her kids or catching up on sleep, Eliana is (theoretically) doing yoga or reading whatever she can find.


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