Behind the Scenes – Diary of a TS Wannabe

(Background: I am very involved in the More to Life program, which teaches transformational personal growth and evolution towards each of our best selves. It has been an invaluable part of my journey to who I am today, and was one of the greatest blessings I ever received. This coming training weekend I have volunteered to lead the the volunteer team in making it happen… a gigantic step into the unknown. I am sharing how I arrived at this point, and my invitation to every and any More to Lifer to join our team. And if you are interested in doing the weekend, I would be very happy to share more information about it – this is the only one this year not over shabbat)

I always wondered, how do you become TS (Training Supervisor) of a More to Life weekend. So, before I invite you to join our team, I want to share with you what went on for me behind the scenes…….

Wednesday afternoon 3.07pm.


Amichai:  “Eliana………..!!” (Amichai’s exuberance booms through my phone and the cacophony of my toddler’s tantrum)


Me: “Um hi, Ami….what’s up?”


Amichai: “I hear you are TS for April!”


Me: “I am?” (Nervous chuckle, stomach drops…)


Amichai: “Yes! Come on why not…?’


Me: “I never said anything about being TS…we’ll see… I have commitments; my life is so busy at the moment”



But the seed was planted.


My mindtalk (one’s inner script, often unchecked and untrue) goes wild, shooting objections at the speed of light.

You are too young (I am almost 30)

You are too busy (I work and have 2 small delightful and demanding children)

TS is for real More to Life people

TS is for the big league


But I can’t say no yet.


A few days later, bumping into a friend from More to Life:

Friend: “So, I hear you are TS, Ami told me”

Me: “No, I havent agreed”.. Nervous laughter & confusion…(Mindtalk; I am going to kill Amichai)


Later that same day, Whatsapp conversation between me and Amichai.


Eliana: Ami, I havent agreed to be TS, you know

Amichai: What’s going on?

Eliana: I need to figure my intention

Amichai: No need, just breathe and go where your full breath takes you


I listen to his advice. I breathe and breathe some more. And with each breath I sink deeper into fear and excitement and fear and unknown and anticipation. But mostly I breathe into a YES I WANT THIS FOR MYSELF.


Phone call with Franki:

“I am up for TS…” (I feel nauseous at the sound of my words. Is this possible? Can I really do it? Can I make it work? It’s such a big commitment. Yet deeper than the mind’s nattering is a primal YES pulsating through my veins. YES. YES. YES. I can. I will)




And this is how I found myself writing an invitation to being on team as TS. I did the More to Life weekend 5 years ago. And slowly it changed me, and still changes the paradigm I see life through. As I step forward, I am terrified, beyond excited and wildly curious as to what is possible. And to make anything possible, we need a team of dreamers and doers and thinkers and planners and talkers and writers and organizers and walkers and runners and carriers.


So I personally ask you to hear this invitation. Hear the no’s. But let the YES talk louder. Say yes, even if there’s every reason to say NO. Say YES because we need you. We need your unique light, your passion & your energy.


Whether this is the first time or your twenty-first team,I will bet that there’s a little person in you saying “Pick me, pick me”. The weekend is a space to see and be seen. To grow and watch growth. To see the beauty of the human spirit in its rawest form. It’s a chance to come back to yourself.


So take a moment and ask yourself honestly, “Do I want to be on team, do I want to give of my best, to find out who is the best version me, and be part of transforming our universe?” And if your breath screams YES, it would be our honour to have you as a fellow passenger on this journey.